Giving Tuesday: A Race for Lebanon

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement created in 2012 with the mission of building a more just and generous world. This year, we are observing it on December 1, 2020.

The main idea behind Giving Tuesday is to simply encourage others to do good, however small the act may seem. Helping a family member out, smiling at your neighbor, or donating to your favorite cause are just a few acts of kindness you can do. We all have something to offer, don't underestimate your power! Giving Tuesday strives to build a world in which the power of generosity is at the heart of society, especially during times of crisis such as now.

Giving Tuesday provides an opportunity for all of us to come together on one day to do something good. This year, on December 1st, how do you plan to make an impact? Every gift made to Penny Appeal USA through LaunchGood this Giving Tuesday will help provide shelter rehabilitation to families in Beirut whose homes were damaged by the explosion.

With the holidays approaching, many of us are looking forward to deals that come along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench into our plans to travel and gather with our families, many people are facing a holiday season like they have never experienced before. Parents who experienced loss of income are struggling to pay their rent and are unable to provide basic needs to their children due to the pandemic.

What we're doing:

Our #TeamOrange volunteers will race to get the most $1 donations for victims of the Beirut, Lebanon explosion this past August via LaunchGood. This will help rebuild homes for the families and refugees affected by the explosion.

How can $1 make an impact? On Giving Tuesday, if we collect the most $1 donations, we win a $20,000 prize from LaunchGood! That’s what we mean when we say small change, big difference.

Follow these 3 easy steps below to join the race:

1. Get your $1 ready.

2. On Giving Tuesday, donate $1 to our LaunchGood page.

3. Share these steps with your friends and family so they can support the cause too!

Why Lebanon?

You may have seen footage of the tragic explosion in Beirut, Lebanon that shocked the world. But the reality is, Lebanese families have been in need of aid before this heartbreaking tragedy.

Lebanon is undergoing the worst economic crisis in the nation’s history. According to the United Nations, almost half of the country is living below the poverty line. People have lost access to basic needs such as food, medicine and healthcare. In cities like Tripoli, the most impoverished in the country, 60% of the population has an income of only $1 per day. The country also hosts more than two million refugees from Syria and Palestine.

Sign up to volunteer on Giving Tuesday here.